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Six Juneau Child Care Stories

  1. the rowan family
    the rowan family
    We planned for ten years before having kids, then were surprised with two instead of one. Most child care providers only had room for one infant, and there was no way we would split our kids up or afford the cost for two in daycare. It is more affordable to have my husband stay at home with the kids (which he has successfully done for the past three years). We had to move away from our family and friends to find work that would pay enough to barely survive on one income, but we do what we can to make it work.
  2. the weaver family
    the weaver family
    I am a stay at home mom, but I wanted my daughter to have some structured social time with peers. She attended my friend's childcare very part time, but then the childcare moved to only providing full-time care. This was disappointing, but not unexpected as financially and logistically that is a common need for daycare centers. I researched other options and discovered there was no preschool-style option for a 2 year old child. Since I have an MEd in Early Childhood Education, I decided to start my own preschool in my home. I have 3 kids in addition to my daughter and am enjoying it, but wish there were more choices for 2 year olds in town.
  3. Heather Carlton
    Heather Carlton
    When I found a center for my first child I felt pretty lucky. I also enrolled my second child in the same center and felt pretty secure in the quality and care provided. One day, the center closed abruptly leaving us with no child care. It was one of the most stressful times in my life. We were one of the few families who were able to find care quickly but not many families did.
  4. Miles Brooks
    We got very lucky. My job with the Legislature allowed us to gain a spot in a facility. Once we were in, we were fortunate to get a spot when our daughter was born. Not sure what would have happened if not granted a child care spot based upon employment.
  5. renee drummond
    We found child care across the street but because the provider needed to make more money she found a job in another field. All four families had to find new child care. When my daughter was born I called around for child care and was not even allowed to add my name to some wait lists because they were so long.
  6. Heather & danny
    Our family lives in Juneau and have been very lucky with our recent child care providers. They encourage as much family interaction and communication as possible. They are extremely accommodating to our unique schedule and situation.
  7. annie smallwood
    I am a mother of two. I haven't attemped to find child care but I am thinking of going back to school. I understand the struggle of having access to age appropriate child care because I have a 1 year old and a 3 1/2 moth old.
  8. Dolan Family
    Dolan Family
    My husband and I both work for the police department. There is no licensed child care in Juneau that accommodates shift work so I switched jobs within the department to accommodate a child care schedule. While I’m extremely happy with our child care provider, I miss being a dispatcher. There should be more (quality, licensed, safe, caring) options in town to accommodate some crucial jobs within our city.
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